Some Important tips to be follow during Pregnancy

A piece of good news knock out in your life but to hold this good news long lasting you should do extra care of yourself, first-time pregnancy or second-time pregnancy but for a woman feeling remain the same. A woman during the pregnancy crossing many phases and people around her make sure for her they do extra care of her and understand about her mood swings. Pregnancy is an exciting time for new couple who feeling this wonderful feeling for the first time but it also a stressful time for those women who don’t know about pregnancy concern.

Some tips to be follow during pregnancy

1.       Never skip breakfast

A pregnant woman always pays more attention towards her meal and should eat healthy and never skip breakfast because a healthy breakfast makes you healthier and your unborn baby too. During pregnancy, a meal is very important for a woman and her baby and she should eat a meal on time to feed baby in her womb.

 Quit Alcohol

In Pregnancy a woman should quit or avoid alcohol because alcohol not good for normal person it may cause much health problems and for a pregnant woman, it may hazardous for both unborn baby and her mother

   Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking may cause cancer and it has many health issue like throat cancer, lung cancer even health advisor even say do not inhale cigarette smoke indirectly it may also hazardous for a normal healthy person so you can not conclude how much it hazardous for unborn baby health and it may cause many high-risk pregnancy factors too.

Add fruit juice in your diet

Fruits contain many vitamin and minerals and calcium and natural vitamin and mineral really well for health. So a pregnant woman should intake fruits in her diet or fruits juice even doctors said natural vitamin make unborn baby healthier.

 Light exercise

Routine exercise good for every person and it increase normal stamina and improve metabolism of a person by doing exercise, a pregnant woman should do light exercise like morning and evening walk and yoga exercise too improve baby and pregnant woman health and even it makes delivery time more easy for a woman.

   Spend more time with husband

A husband is the most closed person of her wife and she feels safer when she is with her husband, and husband is only the one who can control over her mood swings, and understand about her ups and down mood stream so a pregnant woman should spend more time with her husband to reduce mental stress and it may help her to be happy.

So are you pregnant and crossing pregnancy phase of your life then you should follow these tips to make your pregnancy period memorable with good memories. Unborn baby health depends upon on your health so extra care in this period is necessary to do.

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